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  • NMLS ID: 133056
    from Wylie, TX - October, 2017

    "Ryan Scholer and his team made every step of the process very smooth and easy. I should know coz they have been informing me of every step they make from beginning to end. Their dedication to what they do is definitely a 5-star rate. You will never get a headache when they are beside you. I don't think there are other teams like them in this industry."

  • from Frisco, TX - October, 2017

    "Great and timely communication and closure."

  • NMLS ID: 2948
    from Miami, FL - October, 2017

    "If you are thinking about purchasing a home and are shopping for the best deal with the best customer service, look no further. I chose Wyndham Capital after I read all of the positive reviews, and I have to admit this was the best experience I have ever had (I've bought many properties). Russell Ferrari and his team are very knowledgable, honest, and responsive (Russ ell is always available day and night to answer any questions). When I buy homes in the future, I am going straight to Russell and Wyndham Capital"... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 423112
    from Chicago, IL - October, 2017

    "Very fast and efficient. The turn around was three business days and money was in my account. Got a great APR also"

  • NMLS ID: 260264
    from Parker, CO - October, 2017

    "I can't say any more positive things about Alex that I didn't mention in my review of the company, but we didn't have any complaints or uneasiness throughout our entire re-fi process. It was a quick, efficient and relaxed couple of weeks going through the documents and paperwork, and although we weren't in a rush for anything, he delivered exactly on time as he promi sed. Discussions were loose and almost felt like you're talking to a friend more than an agent. Questions were answered in a timely manner and his availability was always open. Not once did I ever have to wait or wonder when I would receive an answer from him as he was prompt with his responses and explained things in a way that was easy to understand. If i run into anyone else that may be going through a re-fi or looking for a loan i would most definitely refer Alex for their questions and concerns. Even if we didn't choose Pacific Beneficial Mortgage as our lender, I feel like Alex would still be kind enough to answer any financial questions that one may have about the mortgage process. Great rates and great customer service and nothing but positive things to say about Alex and his work ethic. I'm sure everyone on his team is just as great, but if you don't want any ifs, ands or buts, he's your guy. Straight to the point yet friendly, professional yet personable. "... Read More

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  • NMLS ID: 400039
    (4.9 of 5) 2421 Reviews
    from Leo, IN - October, 2017

    "Very stressful, bank kept asking for the same information over and over, Brad was the only reason I stayed with the bank, but all said and done, I am happy with the way the loan was processed ."

  • NMLS ID: 12147
    from Jersey City, NJ - October, 2017

    "Omar is an amazing mortgage broker. Was always cheerful to answer the phone no matter how often I called. Very responsive and handled everything professionally and with ease. Highly recommend him, super satisfied customer. Omar thanks again for the excellent service. "

  • NMLS ID: 1345190
    from Cottonwood, CA - September, 2017

    "In our refinance with Grander, we received a rate a full percentage below what my current lender offered with no points. The process happened in a timely manner and the responsiveness of our agent (Matt) was excellent. I was reluctant to respond to an advertisement in email but I am so glad I did. Closed a month ago, payoff of old loan seems to have gone through s moothly. Saving big time monthly now, guess I'll buy that truck"... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 1057
    from Muncy, PA - October, 2017

    "Ditech was our current lender and we chose to refi through them thinking the process would be quicker. That was definitely not the case. This whole thing was more work than the original purchase of our home. Part of the issue was the title company they worked with. I wouldn't recommend ServiceLink to anyone. Ditech was easier to deal with, but we still had some delays due to communication issues. Also, there was not much talk about all of the closing costs involved and we felt a little overwhelmed by them at closing. Overall, I would recommend Ditech to others. Our experience with them on a long-term basis is solid"... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 292897
    from Fort Worth, TX - August, 2017

    "Chris went above and beyond our expectations. He was knowledgeable and always available for any questions. Very satisfied with his work and would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy a home."

  • NMLS ID: 76967
    from Costa Mesa, CA - October, 2017

    "Adan handled my loan with aplomb. Most of the process was online and easy to navigate. He didn't pester but was only a phone call away throughout. Easiest refi ever."

  • NMLS ID: 6666
    (4.8 of 5) 487 Reviews
    from Louisville, KY - October, 2017

    "I worked with Roger, Kyle and Josh at Envoy and they were great. They got me the best rate of anyone in Louisville between 4 other banks. They were prompt with answers and sent a weekly update to know where you are in the loan process. Josh also comes to the closing and will help you with any questions day of closing. Would work with again. "

  • NMLS ID: 3035
    (4.9 of 5) 184 Reviews
    from Braselton, GA - October, 2017

    "I first encountered Daniel Kapalin on a call back from my enquiry to Lending Tree. I had been unable to secure a loan a few months earlier due to a disputed issue in my credit report. After diligently paying down my credit cards and paying EVERYTHING on time, I felt I had repaired my credit rating enough to secure a home mortgage loan. I heard from three lenders that day, two turned me down, even though my score was sufficient. Mr KAPALIN took my information and I had a pre-approval letter within 24 hours. Once we found a home and made an offer, I notified Daniel Kapalin and he and his team at VanDyk Mortgage got right to work. We closed in just under 45 days. Though Mr Kapalin was not a local lender, he coordinated closely with my realtor through almost daily emails, and he got it done.. Some members of his team were affected by hurricane Irma, but there was hardly a moment missed. The level of coordination, communication, and courteous, friendly customer service was extraordinary. My realtor was quite impressed, and she is one of the top selling agents in the area, with a portfolio of clients with homes up to 15,000 square feet - so impressing her is no small feat. I would recommend Daniel Kapalin without question or hesitation. It was a genuine pleasure working with him and his team. I hope never to move again. It’s exhausting, but if I do' I will contact Mr Kapalin for my mortgage."... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 12901
    from Casa Grande, AZ - June, 2017

    "As a real estate agent I have worked with many different loan officers. However, Nancy is one of a kind. She truly cares about her clients and always is available to answer any questions you have. Nancy is also very knowledgeable about the loan process and has helped me already with several clients. I look forward to continuing to partner with Nancy in the future."

  • NMLS ID: 128231
    from Whittier, CA - November, 2016

    "Very helpful and good follow up"